What we do...

Matrics Medical consist of a Team of Medical Sales, Marketing and Development specialist sharing a vast experience in marketing both Capital Equipment as well as medical disposables for the past 20 years world-wide.

We offer any interested party access to a world-wide distribution network capable of positioning products in the fields of Urology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, General Surgery as well as Hospital Supplies. Hereby be support all of our partners in selecting suitable distribution channels, aid in the neccessary registration procedures and offer technical advice during the development proccess as well as provide technical support after the initial product launch.

Who we are...

We are highly qualified in product development, internal and external marketing as well as international sales. Due to this we are well aware of the difficulties in marketing highly innovative products in the field.

Christoph Thiede is a technical engineer who was involved in the development of surgical lasers, endoscopy equipment as well as surgical disposables. After years of working for several manufacturing companies as Product Manager and Sales Manager he gathered an in-depth knowledge of the Technical as well as the Sales and Marketing aspects of the industry.

Thilo Lemke spent several years as Sales Manager and Marketing Director in various well-known manufacturing companies of the industry. Throughout his career he buildt a strong international network of distribution and manufacturing companies around the globe.

Our network...

Matrics Medical is cooperating with developers and manufacturers of highly innovative medical equipment. We are always scanning the market for new, out-standing and best quality products, beeing able to bring them to clinics, doctors and patients througout the world in cooperation with our partners, that know about the special rules, laws and mentalities of the users in their countries best.

We are looking forward to meeting you and discuss a tailor-made solution for you and your product or service.

Products & Projects:


Perfect products for excellent results

Woven from valuable nithinol our stents have strong expansion force and offer perfect stability. Their use is very intuitive – preloaded in the appropriate insertion (introducer) system – the Stent can be controlled precisely and safely.  Patients as well as the financial budget will benefit from the extremely high efficiency of our products.

Each patient has their own history and gastrointestinal problem. Each and every diagnosis is just as individual
In our product groups you will find the right and proper stent for every diagnosis. In special cases we can also produce individual stents according to your specified requirements.


Safe and easy removal of abscised tissue

With minimal invasive procedures, tissue parts are in most cases removed from the patient's body. In such cases, the trocar lumen is often too narrow, necessitating compression of the tissue removed. This is then extracted through the trocar incision, which can result in contamination in the surgical area or, in the case of malignant tumors, lead to the risk of spreading tumor cells. To avoid this danger, a self-opening extraction bag, the ExBag®, was developed. The ExBag® is impermeable to fluids and tear-resistant. This allows the extracted tissue to be removed safely and protected from the surgical area.


Easy access to narrow structures for safe diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Our spectrum covers above all, flexible micro endoscopes within the diameter ranges of 0,3 - 3,0 mm for various surgical applications such as in the lactiferous duct, tear channel and saliva channel . Our endeavors is to develop new diagnostic as well as therapeutic options for surgeons of all medical specialties. The product line is unique and represents the leading edge of endoscope development.



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