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Matrics Medical

For manufacturers

Are you looking for a competent partner to market your product internationally as quickly and cost-effectively as possible?

Through our worldwide distribution networks in the fields of urology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, laparoscopy, interventional radiology, cardiology, arthroscopy, general surgery as well as hospital supplies, Matrics Medical is your contact for international marketing and distribution of your product line.

For distributors

Are you a medical device distributor looking for innovations/products in the fields of urology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, laparoscopy, interventional radiology, cardiology, arthroscopy, general surgery and hospital supplies?

We are constantly looking for national and international distribution partners for almost all areas of medical technology products. We are highly specialised in the field of “sterile consumables and implants” across all areas, but you will also find capital equipment in our portfolio.

Benefit from the advantages

We offer every interested party access to a worldwide distribution network capable of positioning products in the fields of urology, gastroenterology, interventional radiology, cardiology, gynaecology, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, general surgery as well as hospital supplies.

About us

After more than 20 years of experience as employees in key sales and marketing positions at medical technology manufacturers, we have formed a network of contacts and a team of specialists, which is able to handle consumables as well as highly complex innovations for the distribution to specialised sales partners in selected countries.

The international distribution of medical technology presents manufacturers with major challenges in the areas of registration and distribution. Through our existing network, we offer our clients direct access to worldwide contacts and the opportunity to generate sales cost-effectively, quickly and with low financial risk.

In addition, we also offer our expertise in the assessment of realistic market potentials as well as providing support in relevant marketing functions such as product training or trade fair planning.

Benefit from two decades of experience and contact us for your project. We look forward to your special challenge.

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20 years of experience

Benefit from our experience with capital equipment as well as medical consumables and our expertise in product development, internal and external marketing and international sales.

Highly specialised

After two decades of working for various manufacturing companies in the medical technology field, we have acquired a profound knowledge of the technical as well as sales and marketing aspects of the industry. We use this knowledge to master the challenges of marketing highly innovative products.

Worldwide network

In cooperation with interested manufacturers and our distribution partners, who know best the special rules, laws and mentalities of the users in their countries, we help to supply clinics, doctors and patients worldwide with high-quality products.